SMG600, Stainless Steel Wire Mesh Gloves < Back

    Item No. SMG600

    Name: Cut Resistant Stainless Steel Wire Mesh Gloves


    Material: Stainless Steel Small Loops, Nylon Belt (Color: blue, red, white, green, brown, and orange)

    Color: Gray

    Size: M/ L/ XL/ XXL
    1. Each bid for single stainless glove and one white cotton glove

    2. Safety cut proof protect: 100% Stainless steel wire

    3. Fit to both right and left hands, convenient to reverse wear just by adjusting the nylon belt

    4. Function: Cut-resistant, Stab-resistant, Anti-Knife, Anti-Scratch

    5. Protection Grade:  Five

    Applications: Glass Handing, Metal Fabrication, Sheet Steel Manufacture, Security Forces, Mining, Butcher, Etc.

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