SMG700, Stainless Steel Wire Mesh Gloves < Back

    Item No. SMG700

    Name: Cut Resistant Stainless Steel Wire Mesh Gloves

    Anti-cutting, abrasion resistance, Anti-acid, Anti-microwave, Anti-static


    Material: High strength polyethylene fiber, stainless steel wire, Preventing been cut, good wear-resistance and anti-static.

    Color: Black

    PREMIUM CUT RESISTANT: Level 5 cut resistance, Level 3 wear resistance, meaning they are four times stronger than leather.

    SOFT AND WASHABLE: Provides extreme comfort and ergonomic touch sensitivity for maximum grip and accuracy.

    GOOD PROTECTION: Suitable for glass processing, metallurgical mining, metal processing, the garbage sorting, rescue and relief, and other industries necessary.

    Comfortable to wear, keep your hands safe and protected from sharp tools or materials without hampering your performance.

    This product should be lower than 100 degrees,please keep away fire

    Function: Cut-resistant, Stab-resistant, Anti-Knife, Anti-Scratch

    Applications: Glass Handing, Metal Fabrication, Sheet Steel Manufacture, Security Forces, Mining, Butcher, Etc.

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